The iPad Dodocase – Black is the new Orange!

I am pleased to say that I am now in a position for ‘a different kind of blog post.’

Following my Dodocase post a few days ago I received a comment from one of the co-founders, Craig. I get to feel like a real A-List blogger now and elevate one of the comments I’ve received to a main post:

Stewart, Sorry you found the site confusing. Looking at black cases for so long we forget that not everyone is as familiar with the product as we are. I’ve asked our web developer to add ‘select interior color option’ and we’ll try to find more exterior shots for customers. We don’t produce other exterior colors so our customer service team didn’t have many options for you (and hadn’t heard this particular issue before). Sorry if you found their response off-putting. We value all of our customers tremendously and certainly don’t want you to feel like you got poor service from us. I’m glad you decided to keep the DODOcase and I hope it serves you well. Regards – Craig (co-founder, DODOcase)

This is exactly the human response I was hoping for. Further more below are the updated screen shots of the Dodocase website with some important editions!

dodocase1.tiff dodocase2.tiff

Not only has Craig apologized but he has made the small changes to the website he indicated in his comment.

With a nod to an old TV Game Show, Dodocase’s response to my complaint “.. is the CORRECT Answer.” Credit where credit is due. I appreciate the comment and the changes to the website.

So what are my first impressions of my Black is the new Orange Dodocase?

I love it! To start with an unexpected reaction, the Dodocase makes my iPad seem even more impressive! Using it just seems right. The iPad is no longer naked and vulnerable. It’s almost like the device itself feels more confident now it has a nice case to live in. It was a little disconcerting the first time I folded the case back on itself but that seems to have settled in. In short I am as happy as I hoped I would be before the whole colour thing took off!

I’ve noticed with interest comments from other owners about the little rubber corner pieces. I might ask Dodocase to mail me out a couple of sets just in case mine start to lift and be troublesome (which they are not currently). I’m curious about the use of faux leather. I’m sure there must be an argument for a more expensive Dodocase which uses real leather. Given the first case was made in April and mine is only a few weeks old it will be interesting to see the longevity of the case. I was half expecting to find a serial number handwritten on the Dodocase label! This gave me flashbacks to an old Russian Lubitel Camera I had as a student which had a hand-written serial number in the instruction manual!

I’m off to apply to be an affiliate, if successful you can expect to see a badge in the sidebar on the right …